About the Founder

Mohd. Yusuf is famous Indian Cartoonist. He was born in Gorakhpur (U.P.) on 15th Nov 1977. His first cartoon was published in Hindi Daily Swatantra Chetna from the city. He is famous on social media as known as Yusuf Munna (Munna is home nick name). He is well known for Sarcasm Cartoons and expert in Sketching, Caricatures and much more.

Cartoon Mirror online website published by Mohd. Yusuf in September 2019. Mostly he produce their cartoons on latest national and global issues.

His cartoons were published in Urdu daily Hindustan Express, Quami Aawaz, The Milligazette, Twocircles.com and dozen of newspapers publish in multiple languages.

Contact Mohd. Yusuf

Mail us : cartoonsmirror@gmail.com

Physical Address :  New Delhi (India)