About Cartoon Mirror

Cartoon Mirror is an online cartoon website with collections of different types of cartoons created by famous Indian Cartoonist Mohd Yusuf aka Yusuf Munna. Who is well known for Sarcasm Cartoons and expert in Sketching, Caricatures and much more.

Cartoon Mirror publish their cartoons on latest national and global issues. We do not have any aims to defame any person/party/company/organizations/centers etc. Our mostly cartoons are on sarcasm basis that shows the multiple realistic situations. Some viewers and particular person may have different views and thought.

We think our work is in interest of the country and we are well-being of our nation (India). We can’t be threatened or pressurized by anyone to change our rout. On this situation I/We are free to take legal action against such concerning elements. We strictly follows all IT acts as well as social media rules.

(Note : All contents that published by us has copyright issues. Please read disclaimer to legal use of our contents.)

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Address:  New Delhi (India)